“Cultural Institutions Make Low-Income Families Feel Welcome” Article


I stumbled upon this article this evening and thought it was interesting given the readings we have been doing about drawing in and engaging museums audiences and visitors. The author, Eileen Cunniffe, discusses the “Museums for All” initiative, which offers free or reduced admission fees for anyone with an EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card. The initiative also stresses properly training museum staff members (including public relations, front desk, and HR staff) to help broaden the availability of museum visits to a larger group of people who otherwise may be unable to afford a visit. According to the Museums for All website, “Museums for All is a way to broaden a museum’s visitor base, and reach out to underserved communities. A museum visit can inspire the development of new skills and interests, ignite creativity and enrich social connections. Museums for All will help expand access to museums and also raise public awareness about how museums in the U.S. are reaching their entire communities. By removing the financial barrier, Museums for All also removes the social and academic barrier children face when they are not exposed to high quality museum experiences.”

What a great way to reach out to the community and draw in more visitors!


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