Reading for January 20

In Letting Go? (Available as an e-book via the library if you don’t have a hard copy)

Nina Simon, “Participatory Design and the Future of Museums”

Steve Zeitlin, “where are the Best Stories? Where is My Story?”

Nina Simon, “Opening Up the Museum,” TEDx @ SantaCruz

Ellen Gamerman, “Everybody’s an Art Curator,” Wall Street Journal, October 23, 2014. (Hardcopy distributed in class.)

Ed Rodley, “‘Outsourcing’ the curatorial impulse, Part One,” Thinking About Museums, October 29, 2014

_____, “‘Outsourcing’ the curatorial impulse, Part Two,” Thinking About Museums, Ocotber 30, 2014.

Maria Vlachou, “Is Giselle A Curator?,” Musing on Culture, November 3, 2014

Nina Simon, “Where’s The Community in the Crowd? Framing the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Everybody’s a Curator,” Museum 2.0, November 5, 2014

Alamance Battleground friends group

Alamance Battleground State Historic Site


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