Engaging Millennials

I found this article tonight and it hit on many of the things we discussed in class this evening. The author, Colleen Dillenschneider, claims that museums need to do a better job of engaging with the millennial generation. Her research shows that millennials make up the largest population of visitors to cultural institutions. According to Dillenschneider, “millennials aren’t coming, they’re here.” She dispels the myth that the largest visitor population consists of baby boomers and goes on to claim that if institutions are only catering to that group, then they are far behind. Dillenschneider urges museums to stop understanding millennial visitors in a  “we may not have all of them, but at least some are here” sense, but instead to further understand that millennials are a tremendous group of people with an urge to learn, visit cultural institutions, and a lifetime to do it. Millennials could easily foster a lifetime of learning and become museum advocates for their peers, family, and future children.

One thought on “Engaging Millennials

  1. This is particularly important as museums shift towards more community engagement. By attracting more Millennials, museums have more opportunities to create community relationships. By creating community ties to younger generations, museums would then be better able to collaborate with the community to address social issues and bridge social gaps by promoting diversity.


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