January 20 agenda

Here are items for next Wednesday…

  • For the discussion on participatory museum techniques, consider the following questions: How are participatory museum techniques different from traditional museum programming, such as interactives or gallery carts? Are participatory museum techniques just about increasing visitation or creating buzz? What is the value that participatory methods offers? How do these techniques fit into the future museum environment that we talked about last week? What opportunities, limitations, and other concerns come with engaging with participatory methods? Have you seen any of these in action?
  • Remember to have questions for Jeremiah DeGennaro based on last week’s (and this week’s) reading. I’ll be expecting a substantive question from each one of you.
  • We will identify HAL planning group members and prepare for the next steps. (To that end, figure out which time and day of the week is most likely for you to meet outside of class.)
  • Take a look at Durham attractions and if anything strikes you beyond the ones already mentioned, make a suggestion. We’ll need to pin down February 3 travel plans on Wednesday.
  • NYC travel: Looks like your plan to fly up on your own is good-to-go. On Wednesday we’ll set some logistical expectations—where to meet and when. You just get there and get back on your own. Using money saved for an extra night in the hotel is not going to work. The time we save on travel will give us extra time in NYC. Let’s use it wisely. Please note: This works as long as each one of you can foot your own travel bill. Everyone appeared to agree to that last week. If you are having second thoughts, let me know right away. But go ahead and book your flight.
  • A note on feed readers and comments. We talked about Feedly and other feed readers last week. I should have emphasized (if you don’t use a feed reader yet) that you can subscribe to multiple feeds, and I encourage you to do so. (If you are not up on RSS subscriptions, we’ll talk on Wednesday) How do you find likely blogs and news feeds? By following links. For instance, this week’s readings include at least three blogs worth following, and all of those contain links to yet more. Be curious. On comments. When you make a comment you have an option to subscribe to that comment thread to be notified when a new comment is made. You should do that.


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