The Digital Age and Online Interactives

There’s a museum called the Newseum that creates the majority of its exhibits on current events or reoccurring themes and anniversaries. The main website page, to use a term I’ve deemed as an all time favorite thanks to Dr. Bolton, is “squishy,” and a little confusing to navigate.

However, their link to their education programs is pretty amazing. It’s separated by ways to navigate the museum, primary source info related to the exhibits and ways to enroll in the other programs they offer. Clicking through some of the stuff they have to offer kind of got me excited to see what the museum was about.

I’m wondering if their online education is helping people become more interested in current events, or if their subject matter is driving people to more information. Either way, I think our digital content, and other museums locally, could do something really great like this, particularly because we have read and talked so much about community engagement in discussing difficult topics.

One thought on “The Digital Age and Online Interactives

  1. I really like this site! I agree that it would be nice to see other museums, as well as our online content, attempt to engage the community through similar methods. I think the various activities on the education page offer something for each type of visitor, which is crucial as museums attempt to expand their visitor demographics. The way this museum has set up it site leads me to believe that they have established a good platform to encourage the community to discuss how our history has shaped current events and what that means for our future.


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