Freedmen’s Bureau

A couple days ago I was looking on the National Museum of African American History and Center website which is a Smithsonian Institution museum. I was searching for internship opportunities and I came across a link called “Get Involved” which normally display links for volunteering and internships. Instead clicking on internships I clicked on the Freedmen’s Bureau Project.

The link takes you to a page that reads “Help Us Index Freedmen’s Bureau Records”.The National Museum of African American History and Culture has partnered with and the National Archives to index records of the Freedmen’s Bureau to make them freely accessible to researchers online.

To achieve this goal, the Museum, request the assistance of 2,016 volunteers to index the records so that the project can be completed by June 19, 2016 when the museum will be celebrating the Juneteenth anniversary, the day when slaves in Texas learned they were free.

Currently I am assisting in this project and the process itself is very easy to get involved. One just needs to register on NMAAHC website under Freedmen’s Bureau link and than click the link to get started which would start the process of downloading index software onto the computer. I personally believe that this project is a great opportunity for individuals who needs to gain some experience working with documents on the digital level, great for individuals who do not have the time to volunteer in a regular setting and honestly it just looks good on a resume.

Here is the link:

2 thoughts on “Freedmen’s Bureau

  1. This would be a great project to incorporate into high school class rooms. It seem as though many high school students are unfamiliar with research databases and most probably couldn’t tell the difference between primary and secondary sources. A project like this offers hands on experience that could teach students these things AND help to create a lifelong understanding and love of history.


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