January 27 agenda

imagesWhile you are trapped indoors, or out building creepy snowmen in top hats, here are some things to consider for this week.

  • The readings offer a wide definition for museum programming and special events—from professional development for teachers to straight-up revenue generation activities. Samantha Chmelik asks “are programs and education integral to the institution and on the same level as exhibitions?… what are the content responsibilities for each?” Be prepared to respond to those questions with a thorough discussion of museum programming.
  • Also, be prepared to elaborate on the program planning process—what are the critical elements of a plan?
  • We will be joined by Michael Scott and Marian Inabinett from the High Point Museum. They will tell us about their public history careers, about programming at their museum, and will offer feedback on our discussion of the reading material. You should look over the High Point Museum website with a particular eye toward their programming schedule and be prepared to ask Michael and Marian questions.
  • You will need to integrate the critical elements of a program plan into your own planning group brainstorming sessions. I’ll want to hear what you think are specific plan elements you will need to consider. To that end, think about—in addition to the comprehensive list—audience, outcome goals, publicity (where applicable), assessment, and reporting. The Special Tours group will need to reach out to local universities to advertise the tours to classes. The Program group will need to figure out what kind of reporting we need to submit to the NEH when it’s all over.
  • Marian and Michael should be able to stay and offer some feedback on this discussion as well. One of them has experience on a NEH sponsored community dialog program, so this is a great opportunity.



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