Programming for a Dinosaur That is Just Too Big

I started reading this article just thinking how frustrating it would be to try to house this dinosaur at a museum. The article mentions that it had to be crammed inside the American Museum of Natural History. If this new Titanosaur exhibit was traveling, how annoying would it be to have a museum that just wasn’t large enough to hold it. I do wonder how often museums have to turn down an exhibit or a special object, just because the building has no way of presenting it.

I then started thinking about how interesting it would be to promote an exhibit such as the Titanosaur at the American Museum of Natural History. You could make an event about dealing with items that are just too big, and deciding how to make things fit. A program or event on the decision of how to house a large exhibit would really get the public involved in what the museum is doing. I wonder if there are ways in which museums of history or art struggle with the size factor, and how they could use that problem to promote a new exhibit.

One thought on “Programming for a Dinosaur That is Just Too Big

  1. I’ve always thought that extreme transparency is the best policy. It helps people understand how and why you make decisions, and may offer opportunities to ask new questions. The size of this thing, and the idea that it could travel, might raise questions about just how reconstruction specialists decide to put it together the way they did in the first place. Then again, I’m just the kind of nerd who likes to learn how things work and how decisions are made.


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