Proposed Changes to C.T.’s Criminal Justice System

This article was just released last night and all of my friends and family in Connecticut are discussing this proposal. Governor Malloy has been pushing for changes in Connecticut for quite a while now and just last night he announced his “Second Chance 2.0” plan. This plan would raise the juvenile age to 20 by the July 1, 2019 and allow low risk offenders who are currently ages 18-20 to be tried in juvenile court. Malloy justifies this by saying that the human brain does not become fully developed until age 25. He says, “A single mistake as a young adult should not permanently hamper prospects for a productive life.”

This plan also addresses the racial disparities within the justice system. To try and fix this, Malloy proposes that anyone charged with a misdemeanor and who does not pose a risk to society should not have to post bail. Malloy reasons that most minorities cannot come up with the money for bail, so they are in jail for longer periods of time and therefore are more likely to be arrested again. See his entire plan here.

Although this proposal still needs to be approved by the legislature, I think it is certainly a step in the right direction to reforming the Criminal Justice System. I hope UConn is talking to Malloy about the Mass Incarceration exhibit, because I think he could be a useful connection for the entire project.

One thought on “Proposed Changes to C.T.’s Criminal Justice System

  1. It is good to see this recognition in Connecticut’s government of some of the problems within the Criminal Justice System. I would love to find out how North Carolinians would feel about raising the juvenile age. Right off the bat, I can’t think of how we would do it, but I would love to take a survey in our exhibit. It would be interesting to see if people’s opinions change before and after the exhibit as well.


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