Unforeseen Closures and Loss of Visitors

With the recent winter storm to hit the East coast, this article is an interesting look into how an unforeseen closure can cost the museum more visitors than just those who didn’t come the day of the closure. Luckily, our exhibit won’t be in Greensboro during January or February, but I think it will be important for us to be prepared for the possibility of an unforeseen closure. This article argues that by losing a number of people on the day of the closure, you are also losing the people who would have heard about the exhibit through word of mouth. If, for any reason, the museum has to close for a day or two, we need to be able to reach a wider audience to make up for that day. It is interesting to see how one lost day has a wider effect on the museum as a whole. I hope that nothing will happen while our exhibit is here, but just in case something does, we need to be prepared to work to

I have added a chart from the article that shows the importance of the museum’s schedule to different visitors. It is definitely something to keep in mind, when deciding who our target audience is, and how our museum schedule will work with their own.

IMPACTS-Discretionary-decision-making-utility-model.png make up for that day.

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