Criminal History

This article, is a call for reform of publicly releasing criminal records, but also giving criminals a chance to prove themselves to society. The “ban the box” campaign is a great (slow) start to reform in society. However, while I was reading this I could not help but to think of our exhibition and public interest as a whole. As we have been discussing over the last few months, how do we get people interested? For example, who else is going to read this article besides those who are already interested? As discussed in class, mass incarceration is not something that is openly discussed in society.

Furthermore, how does popular culture play a role in people’s interest? Shows like Orange is the New Black, Prison Break, etc. These shows portray prison life as “not that bad.” The prisoners are hardly in their cells. Orange is the New Black does not even have cells. They portray prison life as roaming around and opportunities for escape. How do these portrayals of prison life hurt, or help, the common perceptions people have. Lastly, how can we use these perceptions to our advantage in programming to get people interested? If at all.

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