February 10 agenda

We’ve talked a lot about museums, social advocacy, diversity, relevancy, responsiveness, and programming. But the devil is in the details. As we shift into talking about budgets, boards, laws, and fundraising—and as our guests offer insight into everyday operations—we see where obstacles to higher aspirations, and potentials to overcome them, lie. Budgets and fundraising are not the sexiest part of public history, but these things are essential to, ultimately, making a relevant, responsive, and diverse organization, so I encourage you all to imagine how you can use these tools to achieve greater ends.

On Wednesday, we will…

  • Review the three museums we saw last week. I’m curious to hear what you all thought.
  • Talk about the reading and review key elements of fundraising for small museums. Who does fundraising? What role does the board play? How does the process of fundraising happen? What works? What doesn’t work?
  • Jennifer Farley, the West Regional Supervisor of North Carolina State Historic Sites, will join us and participate in this conversation. She will particularly describe for us the funding and revenue models for historic sites, and discuss the role of various sites’ friends groups in fundraising for sites. (Jennifer has been the site manager at both state sites we visited last week, so she’ll be keen to hear about our adventures.)
  • We’ll need to briefly touch base on some scheduling things.
  • Anne will be joining us at 6:00 to coordinate on program planning items. Please be prepared to stay as long as that is necessary.

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