The Future Start of the CMAI

This article written on the fictional future beginning of the Community Museum of Arts and Ideas, though a little cheesy at times, was a very interesting look into the fears many museums have in change. This describes a future opening night of the CMAI where many are there, excited to be a part of this new community, but many are there hoping to see the leaders make a mistake. The CMAI represents a reimagined art museum, a place where people can think differently, question each other, and inspire new ideas throughout the group. But with this new way of cultivating a museum, the future CMAI still lost many longtime donors. In return, though, they welcomed a younger crowd excited to learn and present new ideas.

While reading this, after having read the fundraising chapters and articles we have for this week in class, I better understood the importance of the museum’s mission. By understanding what its desire was, the future CMAI lost some big donors, but it also gained donors that believed the same way in which the museum did. It is important to not just seek out those people with a lot of money, but seek out those people that believe in what you are doing. No matter how little they give, they can help the museum move forward instead of pulling it back.

One thought on “The Future Start of the CMAI

  1. The readings for this week are rather depressing. To be solvent, you have to have a focus on donor and funding sources and that means going to where the money is. That’s a safe space because we know how it works. But what happens if your strategic vision is to leave behind people with money and attract people without money but possessed of great passion? The stuff I’ve been reading suggest that audience interest will be followed by money, but how do you take that risk or play that long game? I don’t think it’s impossible.

    This is a great question for Jennifer on Wednesday.


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