Underwater Museum

As we talk about the future of museums and all of its possibilities why not make an underwater museum. Talk about thinking outside the box. The project cost about $760K in funds but the statues are eco-friendly, last for 300 years, and divers can touch the statutes. So is it worth the funds?


3 thoughts on “Underwater Museum

  1. Unless the vast majority of Lazarote’s visitors or population are scuba divers (and I’m willing to bet they are not), I don’t think this is worth the funds. I’d like to know more about the exhibit. What’s the purpose of it? What should people learn from it? What should they take away from seeing it? It is cool? Sure. It is functional or practical in any way? Not really. It’s actually catered towards a really small crowd (those who are scuba certified and have the funds to see it, as scuba diving is really expensive). As an outsider (who admittedly knows very little about this exhibit), I’m failing to see the purpose. $760,000 is a ton of money. I think there are definitely uses that would encourage more inclusivity if used differently.


  2. Another way of looking at it is the larger region’s reputation as a destination for people who think this is cool. I mean, I don’t even know where Lazarote is, and I can barely swim, but now I want to go there. Yeah, it’s more of a tourism booster thing and not an educational thing, but there is something to be said for larger reputational value.

    Just a thought… now, off to Google to find out where this is!


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