February 17 agenda

Sadly, this Wednesday, it will be just us and we will need to discuss the readings. Please be prepared for the following things.

  1. The Darian R. Heyman book, Non-Profit Management 101 is indeed in the library catalog as an e-book. Here it is. Read Chapter 20.  I should have a .pdf of the Benjamin Hruska chapter to you by email very soon.
  2. For reading discussion, we’ll be focusing on corporate giving and grant writing.
  3. Study the types of grants that institutions like the Institution of Museum and Library Services/Museums for America, the North Carolina Humanities Council, and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro offer.
  4. There are two case studies in the news right now that we need to talk about. Read this article on the Chattanooga History Center. And read this article and this article on the National Museum of the Civil War in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Based on the reading on corporate giving and grantsmanship, and what you’ve learned about how museums operate in communities, try to identify the breakdowns that are happening in these examples.


The group preparing the Women’s and Gender Studies presentation will meet at 2:30 on the 17th. Join us if you’d like because what we’re getting down here is what we’ll be saying in Baltimore and in New York.

The Special Tours group will be meeting with community partners on Wednesday evening.

The Event group will be meeting with a community partner on Thursday morning.

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