Networking Good News

As we have seen in much of our reading this semester, networking is absolutely vital to our careers. It is especially important for us in the next few months to create connections to help promote our exhibit. With this in mind, I saw an opportunity to promote our exhibit to my R.A. in Lofts on Lee (living on campus does have its perks).

Every month all R.A.’s are expected to host a program for their residents to promote community engagement. I have been to almost all of the events my R.A. has hosted this year, including our trip to the Civil Rights Museum this afternoon. After receiving our tour of the museum, I informed my companions (consisting of two graduate students and two R.A.’s) that the Museum Studies program was creating a Mass Incarceration Exhibit that was going to be here in November. All of them were really excited and asked me many questions about it. They were glad that this topic was finally being addressed and recommended that we continue to move forward with creating an interactive component because that is more appealing to most audiences. To make things even better, both R.A.’s said they would like to bring students back to the museum in November to see this exhibit. The benefits of doing this is that 1. the R.A.’s get a free idea for their monthly program and 2. the students do not have to pay entrance fees because the school covers all programmings done by Res-Life. As we continue to gather more information about the exhibit I will be sharing it with my R.A. so she can suggest this exhibit to her co-workers.


One thought on “Networking Good News

  1. Go Karen! Awesome idea! Fantastic to hear that at least these students that choose to go will get in for free. It’s also exciting to hear that there is interest in our project and the topic in general!


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