February 24 agenda

Things for this week.

  • The team presenting our project at the Assemblages: Anti-Oppression Work on Saturday will be giving a run-through at 2:30 on Wednesday. Please show up to offer support, critique, or ridicule if you can. Meet at my office.
  • The team will be presenting on Saturday, February 27, at 2:30 in the Elliot University Center.
  • We will have Edith Brady, director of the High Point Museum in class on Wednesday to talk about budgets and taxes. Please be prepared, based on your reading of the three chapters, to engage her with relevant questions.
  • ADDITIONAL ASSIGNMENT: Use the Form 990 finder at the Foundation Center to look up a Form 990 for a friends group or foundation for a museum of your choice. Considering the late date here, you don’t need to fully analyze it, but be prepared to tell me something that you discovered that is of interest to you.
  • Be prepared to tell me what museum program you will be reviewing, and when you want to present that program to the class.
  • We’ll aim to break by 6:00 so those of us going to see Michelle Alexander have time to get over there.

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