March 2 agenda

Guys, I can’t believe we’re in March already. Here’s what we need to think about this week:

  1. We’ll review how the WGS panel went.
  2. Tell me what program you will be reviewing and when you want to present on it to the class.
  3. Things have slowed down on the blog. Please pick it up a bit.
  4. Angela Thorpe from the President James K. Polk State Historic Site will help us talk through issues of staffing, volunteer management, and inclusion/diversity in museums. Please be prepared with questions based on the reading.
  5. To that end, here is another brief post from the Center for the Future of Museums blog that you’ll want to look at.
  6. I will also expect you to offer intelligent observations on your upcoming internship experiences based on the chapter on internships. (e.g. In your search of internship postings and review of tasks and duties that museums are offering… are they comporting with the recommendations the chapter makes?)
  7. Program plans. Let’s spend some time in class checking in on where we are with programming plans. We need to be defining down what we want to accomplish and begin putting specific information on paper. Take a look at the “Project Definition and Deliverables” that I sent out at the beginning of the semester and be prepared to take a comprehensive view of the process at this point. Don’t forget the Google Shared Docs I set up for you to keep notes and begin fleshing out your plans on.

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