Open Authority in the Museum

I thought this article was very intriguing, as our Set Up and Local Content team has been trying to figure out the best ways to open up dialogue and discussion during and after our exhibit. Our struggle is figuring out how to be facilitators when we will not be able to keep a constant eye on what people are contributing to the dialogue. I think Lori Byrd Phillips’ words on keeping a museum open to other authorities besides the museum itself is very important for our exhibit. After reading this article, I thought maybe we could figure out a way to use the laptop or some form of media to open up a dialogue on in some way on the computer, which would allow us to keep an eye on the content while away from the exhibit. Obviously, we still need to figure out as a group what we want to do, but this article makes good points on the importance of open authority in the museum right now. Some visitors might have a lot more experience and knowledge on the subject than we do.

One thought on “Open Authority in the Museum

  1. Hm, we think a lot about how to make museums tangible for remote visitors, but I’ve never thought about how we can use digital technologies to curate from a remote location to inside the museum.

    this piece by Nick Sacco suggests that there are limits to open/shared authority, especially in unregulated online platforms.


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