Digital Access: An Exclusionary Tale

We have read several articles this semester about the use of digital technology in public history and here’s another! Contrasting the articles we have previously encountered, Sharon Leon cautions Public Historians in using technology to increase audience interaction. She points to those individuals still living outside the technological “web” being uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the new technological trends. Individuals living in rural areas and those unable to afford broadband internet are often alienated by the use of technology in an exhibit space. She also comments on what platform a digital interface uses. Microsoft v. Apple interfaces in particular. Overall, we need to be mindful in how we use technology and what collateral damage it can incidentally create. With our upcoming foray into the possible integration of technology in the HAl exhibit, I found this to be an enlightening article. Mrs. Leon presents issues I had never considered…we all know how technologically savvy I am.

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