It’s here!! TrendsWatch 2016


Great new guys, TrendsWatch 2016 is here!

Chapters for this year include:

Labor 3.0: new jobs, or a jobless future?

More Than Human: extending the spectrum of ability

Me/We/Here/There: museums and the matrix of place-based augmented devices

Capture the Flag: the struggle over representation and identity

Happiness: because you get what you measure

Questions to consider here:

● How are these trends playing out in our community?

● Which trends are likely to have the greatest effect on us? (our exhibit, our future job outlooks, etc.)

● How might a museum take advantage of the opportunities or avoid the risks these trends present?

Download your own free PDF copy of it here.

2 thoughts on “It’s here!! TrendsWatch 2016

  1. Good looking out. I’m not sure how my rabbit hole of clicking links got me there. I’ve edited the post to reflect the 2016 TrendsWatch


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