Responsible, or exclusive?

Throughout our discussions we talk about being inclusive. Is this limited to issues such as race and gender? Or does age count as well? This article discusses a little girl who was not allowed to visit a museum because of her age. As museum professionals is it our job to protect history, art, science, etc.? Or is it our job to educate our visitors no matter what age? To some extent this museum has fallen into the unfortunate stereotype of exclusiveness within museums. That museums are not, in fact, for all people. However, I am sure there are some three year old children who would ruin a piece of art if they were not properly supervised. So what is the solution here? How do we find the happy medium? This young girl deserves to enjoy art just like everyone else, but on the off chance something is ruined no one else can enjoy the art ever again. Is it our job as professionals to protect the content of museums? Or to educate everyone possible?

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