Museum Social Media Practices

This blog article,, gives some good practical advice for managing social media for a museum.  Two points it makes seem important: 1. Excellent writing skills are needed, and 2. Timing is very important.  One point I had not thought of is that all web content may not be under one person’s control.  In larger institutions you may have different people in multiple departments posting on various social media sites with no attention to who is posting what and when.  Reader’s can be hit with too many posts sent back-to-back and get bored or annoyed.  If you are in one of those departments it seems prudent to stay up to date on what is being published on your museum’s social media and post at the best times.  If you are in charge of the social media activities for the whole museum/site/etc., some effort may be required to educate colleagues or control over-posting.

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