Science and Public Trust

While this article does not address museums directly, with our discussions on technology and social media, I thought it pertinent. The article focuses on an initiaitive by the  American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS). The Public Face of Science is a  three-year initiative “designed to increase the public’s knowledge of science, as well as foster a greater appreciation for the work scientists do.” As technology becomes further integrated into museum exhibits and visitor experiences, how and if the public trust the technology they confront is crucial. We have recently read about the value in technological engagements with younger visitors. Younger generations seem to observe an inherent trust in technology, but what about the older generations? Just because guests utilize technology in an exhibit space, do they necessarily trust what is being presented? Are some of the facts being lost in translation? I think this article provides a context for museum professionals to evaluate public trust of technology in the museum experience.

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