Community Curators: Great or Risky?

this article revisits a different one I believe we’ve read  about inviting the community to build exhibits. The AASLH argues that with some supervision, volunteers can do more than run gift shops and give tours.

The museum in this article is bringing the community of Dover into a project that will be on display in the legislative building and open to the public.

The article doesnt address why that location or the particulars of how the volunteers work on the exhibit, but with this and our success with our work, is this something that can be more popular with institutions that have the time and staff willing to teach volunteers and help their ideas become successful

2 thoughts on “Community Curators: Great or Risky?

  1. I think that volunteers should be utilized more in the creative and operations side of museums. The more that volunteers can be involved in projects, the more your volunteers will have ownership of the museum. I don’t think that the size of the museum and staff numbers are as important as simply making volunteers a priority. Training volunteers to greet, give tours, and run gift shops is the easy part. Training them to take on larger projects would be time consuming, but so much more fulfilling.


  2. I agree with Leslie that volunteers should be more involved in museums than just at the gift shop, greeting guest at the doors, and just cataloguing information into computers. I personally believe that it’s the job of the museum and the staff to have a community involvement to help run the museum. In order for that to happen museums need to train their volunteers with more skill sets and allowing more of their opinion into conversation of programs, assisting in curations and exhibit installment. Finally, giving more responsible to volunteers would show forward thinking on the museum part displaying that the museums are not just for individuals that educated but for all people of walks of life.


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