Going Viral

We have discussed the pros and cons of social media so I figured this would be a good link to share. Museums utilize Instagram to show visitors their upcoming exhibits as well as behind the scenes work. While this is useful to draw in more visitors, there are some risks involve. Take this picture for example. Although we as museum professionals know the birds are being treated with respect, how would groups like PETA perceive this photograph? Could this picture cause any controversy that could harm the Smithsonian?


One thought on “Going Viral

  1. Even as a museum professional my first thought was like WHAT THE HELL!!! I understand the approach that the Smithsonian was attempting to do in order to draw in more visitors with their preserve birds. Nonetheless, I believe that this attempt backfired for several reasons. First, I think the pictures comes off right way has inhuman and mistreatment of dead animal. Second, thought comes to mind why are there so many similar birds housed in draws. Finally, this picture comes off just NASTY!

    However, I do believe if the Smithsonian attempted to show one or two birds this could had been more appealing to visitors to come into the museum. Also if I was the Smithsonian I would quickly apologize and justify the reason for the picture.


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