Lucas Museum Contraversy

This somewhat adds to the Sailor Moon thread but I thought it was worthy of moving forward in its own post.  Proposed for Chicago is the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art… a highbrow name for “Star Wars Museum”.  Proponents are the mayor of Chicago and some at the Illinois state level, who are eager for the economic boost the museum would bring  in tourism.  Also advocating for (and partially financing) it is Lucas himself… because… well… who doesn’t want their own museum?  Lobbying against the project are city residents concerned about downtown land use, and residents statewide who think there are too many social and infrastructure needs already, and think funds should be spent to address those needs first before considering a new museum.  All of these entities make excellent points… on both sides of the issue.

Would residents offer less resistance if the museum was more historical, or scientific… anything viewed as more educational?  I think so.  And given the economic impact of a Star Wars based museum, do you think resistance is futile?  Wait…wrong franchise 🙂

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