I’ve been thinking a bit about branding.  No, I’m not talking about cows… I’m talking about name, and image, and reputation.  I’m talking about marketing (again) and how you can use branding to not only get your institution seen, but to use the rollout of a new branding package as a marketing event.  Recently the Metropolitan Museum of Art rolled out their new brand.  Admitting that everyone calls them the The Met anyway… they embraced the moniker and are now simply that. Read the whole article here.


Here is another case study involving the New Museum of Contemporary Art and their step by step how-to on rolling out a new branding package.  Both of these are NYC examples… with a lot of money to put into paying 3rd party firms to be creative.  But it doesn’t mean that local museums can’t rethink their image…especially when they’ve out grown their old logos and graphics.  Our speaker from the Scruggs museum illustrated that very point… and I think she did a fine job of reinventing something small into something great.



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