Artist saves artifacts with 3D printing

Unfortunately there are several sculptures, statues, and artifacts that have been destroyed by ISIS and other terrorists groups. Although many of the originals are forever destroyed they hopefully won’t be completely lost. An artist by the name of Allahyari is using 3D printing to try and recreate some of these artifacts. Allahyari states that the point isn’t to try and replace them but to show that history cant be easily erased. This goes to show that it’s not the actual object that has power but the significance that people give an object that makes it powerful.



One thought on “Artist saves artifacts with 3D printing

  1. 3-D printing is awesome. WCU and a lot of other universities have 3-D printers for a lot of reasons. However, 3-D printing allows people to experience a replica, at least. Yes, it is devastating that this is happening, however, at least there is a (semi) solution. I would rather there be 3-D printing, than nothing at all.


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