Visitor studies Association Conference

If anybody is looking for something extra to do over the summer or want to put some of your 626 or 627 experience to practice the Visitor Studies Association is having a conference in Boston in July. Here’s the link  if might be interested in going this summer.


Van Gogh movie made entirely out of oil paintings

I know a few weeks ago we mentioned Van Gogh and the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam so when I saw this I thought it was the neatest thing ever. A company by the name of Breathru Films is creating a movie called “Loving Vincent” and its based around Vincent Van Gogh to celebrate his 163rd birthday. But the best part is that the entire film is made out of oil paintings. More than 85 artists are working on the paintings for this film. Not only is this a great way to celebrate Van Gogh’s work but its a great way to add life to his work as well.

Artist saves artifacts with 3D printing

Unfortunately there are several sculptures, statues, and artifacts that have been destroyed by ISIS and other terrorists groups. Although many of the originals are forever destroyed they hopefully won’t be completely lost. An artist by the name of Allahyari is using 3D printing to try and recreate some of these artifacts. Allahyari states that the point isn’t to try and replace them but to show that history cant be easily erased. This goes to show that it’s not the actual object that has power but the significance that people give an object that makes it powerful.


Librarian saves artifacts from Alqaeda

This man deserves a medal or a parade or something. Once Mr. Haidara realized his home land in Timbuktu was occupied by terrorists he was afraid that they would destroy or sell ancient artifacts and books from the city’s repositories. So with the help of archivists, tour guides, family and friends Mr. Haidara, a book restorer and archivists himself manged to sneak 50-80 crates worth of artifacts over the course of 8 months pass terrorist checkpoints and occupied territory to safe locations. Much of the works he saved were ancient manuscripts. If this man hadn’t of saved these pieces they would’ve been burnt and lost to history. So Thank You Mr. Haidara you are a hero to historians everywhere.

Lady finds 2,000 year old coin

So I’m a little jealous. O.K maybe I’m a lot jealous. 🙂 So this lady is going for a walk and all of a sudden she finds and picks up this rare coin. Not only is it a rare coin but it’s a 2,000 year old rare coin. How lucky can you get. but I guess the public will get to be the lucky ones because she handed it over so the proper authorities so history nerds and museum goers can possibly enjoy it one day.


Sailor Moon Museum exhibit?

When I first found this article was so excited. 😀 I Don’t know a single 90’s kid that wasn’t influence by some sort of anime in some way or another and if you weren’t then what’s wrong with you. But as a nerd I’m super, extra, excited to see an exhibit like this but the historian and museum student in me is iffy about the significance of an exhibit like this. Granted it’s a great way to boast visitor numbers and get people interested in museums but at what cost? Museums are suppose to be places of higher learning available to the public. As much as I find this interesting this is just another example of museums becoming catering more to tourism and the public rather than education. But I’d like to think that maybe something good can come out of an exhibit like this and hopefully visitors can gain something meaningful besides a pretty Sailor Moon souvenir. Who knows maybe one day someone will make a superhero museum.

Mebane Historical Society






The Mebane Historical Society &Museum is located in Mebane North Carolina. The town has a population of 11,393 (2013).About 75% of the population is white, 20% African-American, 6% Latino/ Hispanic, and about 5% other. The town of Mebane is located in Alamance and some parts of Orange County. Mebane is also about an hour away from Greensboro and about half an hour away from Durham. Since the Mebane School system consists of Alamance County, Orange County and Burlington there is a combination of four elementary schools, four middle schools three High Schools, and one private school that cater to Mebane school adolescents. Some of the largest employers in Mebane are GKN Driveline North America, Meadwestvaco Healthcare Packaging, AKG of America Inc, and Sports Endeavors Inc.

The Mebane Historical Society is operated by Alamance County and Mebane City Government. Surrounded by the Mebane Historical Society is Alamance Battleground, Textile Heritage Museum, and Alamance County Historical Museum. The museum is run by one director and a few volunteers. The Museum is in charge of collecting and preserving materials related to the town of Mebane along with creating educational programs that engage visitors about Mebane’s past and possible future.

The Mebane Historical Society has both internal and external needs. Internally the Mebane Historical Society needs to increase visitation and from their website they seem to improving their programs which will hopefully help improve the numbers for visitation. Externally much of the Mebane community are old white retirees. So the community doesn’t’ have a bunch of money to donate plus older citizens have very strong interests and are not always open to change. Also the museum does have some technology like videos to help engage with its audience but the videos don’t really attract anyone’s attention.

The Mebane Historical Society and Museum needs to improve its exposure. With the new Tanger Outlet Mall and other shops being adding The Mebane Historical Society could advertise in the mall to help increase visitation. The town of Mebane is growing and with it so should the Museum. It would also be a good idea to maybe partner up with the Tanger Outlet Mall and coordinate events. I know the Museum is trying to improve its programing now with better public programs that can cater to everyone instead of just the old white retirees. But it also wouldn’t hurt for the museum to try and do another big fundraiser to get more funding and more attention. There is a billboard on the highway for the Mebane Historical Society but doesn’t grab anyone’s attention. Instead of putting up a billboard on the highway if they transferred that advertisement over to the Tanger outlet mall people it would probably do more good. Those same people wondering around shopping are the same people and touring looking for something to do. A better Facebook and Twitter page could also help draw in more young people as well.